Unisys Mainframe Migration

Asysco has the strongest track record in the industry of migrating legacy and end-of-life Unisys environments to a modern, fully supported, and industry-standard x86 environment.

Our Automated Migration Technology (AMT) helps you migrate from all Unisys mainframe platforms, whether Clearpath Libra or Dorado, to an x86 environment. All the mainframe artifacts are migrated in a turn-key way: the applications, batch processing, interfaces, security, databases, and files.

We provide legacy migration and transformation for:

– Unisys Clearpath Libra (A-Series)
– Unisys Clearpath Dorado (OS2200)

No changes in business rules

The entire migration is done with absolutely NO changes to your organizations’ business logic. Your current business rules are preserved and no re-engineering is required. This way, your application is migrated with as little impact as possible on your organization:

  • No need for end-user training as screens and interfaces stay the exact same
  • Least amount of project effort as there are no changes to the functionality making testing much easier.

Case Study OTP Bank URBIS Migration

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AEGON Unisure migration helps to mitigate business risk

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