Unisys Mainframe Migration

In 1979, Asysco started out as a general Unisys development company, providing programming services to Unisys customers.
Over time more and more customers realized that the mainframe model became difficult to support, kept them from being agile and innovative and decided they wanted to migrate from the Unisys platform to open systems.
Given our multiple years of knowledge and experience in Unisys mainframe as well as open systems Asysco became migration partner of choice for many of these companies.

Asysco Migration Technology (AMT) helps you migrate from all Unisys mainframe platforms to the Windows/SQL environment. We deal with every corner of the mainframe environment: the applications, batch processing and the actual data in the mainframe databases.

Unisys Mainframe Migration

We provide legacy migration and transformation for:

– Unisys Clearpath Libra (A-Series)
– Unisys Clearpath Dorado (OS2200)

No changes in business rules

Of course, each system has different migration requirements. Which is why we have created multiple translators to handle each of them separately. All of this migration is done with absolutely NO changes to your organizations’ business logic. Your current business rules are preserved and no re-engineering is required.

Proven success

Asysco has performed over 60 successful Unisys migrations. Check out the customer case studies.