Unisys OS2200 Mainframe Migrations

Asysco Migration Technology helps you migrate from a Unisys OS2200 mainframe to the Windows/SQL environment.

We deal with every corner of the mainframe environment: the applications, batch processing and the actual data in the mainframe databases. Asysco converts the following for Unisys OS2200 mainframe environments (among others):

  • LINC (EAE, Agile Business Suite)
  • MASM/Assembler
  • Executive Control Language (ECLs)
  • Flat files
  • Data based on the DMS/RDMS schemas and sub schemas

The migration includes the conversion of:

  • DPS screens to ASP.NET, with AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) technology
  • ECLs to PowerShell or VB Scripts
  • Indexed sequential/flat files as indexed sequential/flat files
  • The DMS/RDMS schemas/sub schemas and data to MS SQL, Oracle or DB2

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