Steps to success

100% automated

Complete automated mainframe migration is critical, as it ensures that the resulting environment behaves in a predictable way, manual migration errors are (virtually) impossible (no manual changes of the target code and data are even allowed), and testing can be done more efficiently than in any other scenario. With the support from automated testing through our TestMatch tool, capturing source transactions and outcomes, rerunning these in the new environment and automatically comparing the outcome, even testing effort is reduced to a manageable minimum.

Through a series of steps, the legacy objects are imported, parsed, analysed, optimized and stored in a central repository from which the new system will be generated. The system maintains consistency and alignment between objects and data and ensures that everything gets migrated in context. Automated mainframe migration through the Asysco Migration Technology Framework (AMT) ensures project success.

AMT Framework:

Migration Services:

  • Project methodology and management
  • Inventory and analysis through Site Survey
  • Architecture Design
  • Installation and configuration
  • Testing
  • Training and support

Check out the Asysco migration methodology.