Reimagining re-hosting

Why re-hosting might not
be the easy fix it seems.

For many businesses, traditional re-hosting is the first step in kicking off modernization efforts. But some are finding it creates more problems than it solves – so how can you transform your legacy systems and minimize the risks to your business in the right way?

Rethinking re-hosting

In a quest for greater agility and flexibility, the supremacy of the mainframe has been called into question. Increasingly, organizations turn to cloud computing to transform key areas of their business.

As they pursue modern solutions, traditional re-hosting is usually presented as a ‘quick fix’ solution – but this often brings several new challenges.

In this e-book we’ll explore:

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The less obvious realities of re-hosting your mainframe.
What hidden costs traditional re-hosting brings.
Onward considerations for the long-term viability of re-hosting solution on your business.
Alternative options that will help you transform your legacy system while minimizing risks, maximizing benefits and priming your business for innovation.

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