Don't just emulate.
Re-host, re-factor and
re-imagine your mainframe, all in one go

Transform your mainframe in a way that delivers short-term impact and long-term value – without the need for expensive onward projects.

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Not all mainframe migrations
are created equal

For a variety of other providers, mainframe transformation
projects include separate processes that first re-host the legacy
technology, and then re-factor the application. While this may
be a popular approach, it often drives up costs – and risks.

Vendor lock-in

Additional code compiling software means your business is once more locked-in to technology, requiring additional investments.

Short-term view

Otherwise known as ‘lift and shift’, common re-hosting solutions focus on short-term benefits only.

Multiple projects

Separate re-hosting and refactoring projects result in more risk and additional testing, driving up costs and impacting business performance.

Start re-hosting and
keep re-imagining

With Asysco, you can start with re-hosting your applications while keeping
all your options open – transforming your mainframe at your own pace,
without the need for expensive, ongoing transformations projects.

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Modernize incrementally

Tackle legacy modernization incrementally, so you can migrate as much or as little as you like – with a complete code transformation, instead of moving from COBOL to COBOL.

Innovate from day one

Benefit from the agility and modern DevOps right away, using a new Cloud platform to develop more seamless customer-centric experiences.

Retain full control of the process

Continue to develop in COBOL, utilizing the skills and expertise of your current workforce until you’re ready to move on.

Protect past investments and current bottom line

Lower costs by running your project with full visiblilty and transparency into pricing, and nog hidden costs.

Get to innovation faster

Transform quickly and efficiently zo you can start innovating faster –
switching off your lagacy systems whenever you’re ready.