When migrating legacy environments, application development, testing and systems operations are important areas where everyone has similar considerations:

“How do I transition from my current legacy development skills into this new world
of open systems based development?”

“How do I effectively test all my code that has been developed over decades?”

“How do I effectively manage my new environment now that I am in an open systems environment?”


Asysco provides AMT Framework, a comprehensive, proven set of products, solutions and services that help you effectively address the questions above.

AMT Transform

The powerful conversion engine which automates the migration of the complete mainframe ecosystem including all databases, whether hierarchical, network or relational,  to a relational database (choice of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or DB2) and the conversion of JCL/WFL/ECL scripts to open source VB Scripts or Windows PowerShell. In addition it also includes the conversion of all Binary or Indexed Flat Files. Any other types of EDI are addressed as part of the full turnkey migration solution as well.


A comprehensive landing platform which represents the new .NET based development environment including relational databases, executables, libraries, batch controllers, etc.
AMT GO brings your legacy applications to the future. It offers flexibility, scalability and the ability to easily adopt new technologies.


A 4GL IDE that is designed specifically to be very recognizable to the customer’s legacy (COBOL, CICS, TIP, XGEN, LINC, ALGOL, WFL, JCL and REPORTERIII) developers and mainframe operators. AMT LION offers the perfect bridge between the old and new worlds, since it combines the familiarity of the original legacy style code and data structures with the ability to implement the full features of a robust IDE and object oriented code


AMT COBOL addresses the COBOL challenge by offering automated code migration to Native C#/.NET  on Windows. The many years of COBOL knowledge will be maintained while you will have the flexibility and choice to move the development from COBOL to C#/.NET without any restriction or a vendor lock-in.

AMT Control Center

The migrated environment comes with a System Administration and Operations Control Center for managing Job Scheduling, Report and Print Queues, Messaging, Performance Monitoring, Transaction Logging and Roles based security including seamless integration with Active Directory.


TestMatch provides automatic testing of mainframe OLTP (terminal based Online Transaction Processing applications).