SMA Technologies

SMA Technologies is a privately-owned company based in Houston, Texas. Since its inception in 1980, SMA Solutions has expanded to include nine offices, multiple business partners and customers worldwide. SMA Technologies was founded by a team of forward-thinking automation experts at NASA where they initially captured the attention of IT managers around the world with the release of their first automation solution, ‘The Scheduler’, which ran on mainframes. As the IT industry evolved, they continued to lead the way with the introduction of OpCon, the world’s first Windows-based, enterprise-wide automation solution that now supports every known operating system, application, platform and ERP system. OpCon supports more than 500 customers in 24 countries, both in the private and public sectors.

Why this partnership?

In order to ensure business continuity and efficiency, infrastructure and business application, automation is key. That is why Asysco and SMA Technologies have formed a technical partnership to offer their world-leading Legacy Transformation and System Management Technologies as a bundle.

Download the joint Solution Brief:

For their AMT Framework paper, click here.

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