The Asysco AMT architecture is (and will continue to be) a 100% Microsoft based architecture. In addition, Asysco’s approach is to completely remove all the legacy dependencies and replace those with Microsoft technology equivalents. Asysco does not migrate to any other technology stack (Linux, Unix, Java).

With this approach, designated by Gartner as code transformation, Asysco has a unique position in that no other company does code transformation with the same level of conversion, same scale and same track record.

In addition to being 100% Microsoft based, AMT is also 100% Microsoft Azure compliant. AMT allows customers to choose between private, public and hybrid cloud configurations or to adopt a traditional deployment.

Member of  One Commercial Partner (OCP) program, with Gold Certification.

MIPS Equivalent Sizing for IBM CICS Cobol Applications Migrated to Microsoft Azure

Azure Marketplace: Asysco AMT GO Consolidated

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"Asysco enables customers to move their mainframe workloads to native .NET and Azure without any artifacts of the Unisys or IBM mainframe remaining while still maintaining the mission critical business logic." 

Bob Ellsworth, Microsoft Worldwide Director of Platform Modernization