Technology Partner Anubex delivers automated testing through their flagship project TestMatch. Unlike any other product available today, TestMatch allows automatic capture of mainframe transactions and results, as well as the possibility to re-run these in a migrated target environment. Results can automatically be compared with little upfront effort.

This is specifically powerful for automated code migrations where, through regression testing, subsequent code drops need to be efficiently tested in order to quickly reduce the number of code defects. TestMatch allows for a dramatic (60% and higher) reduction in effort required to do this testing and for a reduction in the number of code drops leading to a much more efficient test cycle.

About Anubex

Anubex has held a position of proactive leadership in the industry of legacy renovation since it began developing and marketing migration tools in 1993. Since this date, its tools and project methodologies have matured and today the company can significantly relieve an organisation of risk by providing legacy renovation solutions with fixed price guarantees.
Through automation, Anubex tools greatly reduce the costs and risks of enterprise application integration, software transformation, or migration efforts.

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