Partner Program

Become an Asysco Partner

As part of our commitment to meeting our customers’ goals of protecting, modernizing and enhancing their often significant investments in Mainframe and legacy applications, we constantly strive to expand our relationship with new and existing partners.

Not only are we looking for companies that offer consulting and training services but also companies that provide technological solutions that enhance our Mainframe Migration and Legacy Transformation solutions. Together with our partners, we can expand both our businesses, by integrating our solutions and services and thereby providing maximum value to our customers.

Benefits of Asysco Partner Program

  • Increase your revenue
    The mainframe/legacy transformation market is full of opportunities. With our proven, market leading solutions, we can offer you a new way to expand your business and increase your revenue.
  • Extensive support program
    Allows you to earn additional revenue by selling, supporting and implementing Asysco Migration Technology (AMT) solutions. We provide you with training, feedback, technical support, marketing and sales materials.
  • Value-added services
    Extend your value to your own customers by offering them our modern, high-tech, high-quality solutions for legacy transformation and migration to open platforms.
  • Asysco Self Service Desk
    A helpful resource that keeps customers informed and provides them with helpful tips, ideas, and documentation.


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you ASAP to discuss possibilities.


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