With Asysco’s help, SPV Sweden now live on AMT!

March 12, 2021

We are pleased to say that last weekend, our customer Statens tjänstepensionsverk (SPV) Sweden, has successfully gone live.

This was Asysco’s fourth go-live (IBM Mainframe migration) in the last few months where, due to the current COVID situation, we were unable to join the customer on-site.
We have a proven approach for this, however, due to data protection policies at SPV, this was to be an entirely hands-off exercise for Asysco, we were unable to work with production data or access the to-be production environment, according to Mike Goldsmith, Asysco’s project manager.

Fortunately, the entire process was pretty much a clockwork cut-over. Knowing the constraints from the beginning, SPV had made every effort to be almost entirely self-sufficient. This weekend is testament to those preparations and the dedication of their teams.

Project background

SPV is one of the largest providers of pension services in Sweden, administering the pension schemes of nearly a million Government employees and former employees. They were previously running two IBM mainframe applications totalling 3.8 million lines of COBOL and 1,000 JCL’s. The migration to C# started in April 2019.

We were partnered with Fujitsu as a System Integrator in this project and we were fortunate to work with many of the same people as the STA project from a few years back. Having a partner that was familiar with our processes and had first-hand experience of a successful Asysco migration was an undoubtable benefit to everyone involved.