The right partner

July 8, 2020

A legacy transformation or modernization process can only be completed with the right partner to guide and assist you along the way. A partner that has the experience, the expertise and the attitude to complete the project successfully.

8 reasons why you should work with Asysco:

  1. Futureproof solution: True legacy transformation. Unlike typical rehosting companies, Asysco does not re-platform legacy issues elsewhere but we solve them by transforming all legacy to modern, .NET based equivalents.
  2. Proven quality: having converted hundreds of millions of lines of code, our target solution has proven itself to be resilient, manageable, performing, scalable, secure and capable of running the equivalent of 10’s of thousands of MIPS. No other transformation company has this track record which is why we guarantee the same or better quality of service which no-one else does.
  3. Coverage: these critical projects are more than just code and data conversions as entire ecosystems (code, data, security, management framework, application lifecycle development and management, etc.) all need to be in scope which is exactly what we do in every project.
  4. Partner centric: projects like these involve many different skills and experts. As experienced as we are, there are many other companies that specialize in change management, testing and/or large program management all of which Asysco has worked with before (including Accenture, Dell, Fujitsu, Tieto, Keane, TCS, HP and so on).
  5. Automated testing: Testing is typically the biggest contributor to delays. Failure to test properly will cause major issues. Asysco uses a unique tool specifically built for testing mainframe migrations where mainframe transactions and outcomes are captured (with no limits and no impact on the mainframe performance), replayed in the migrated environment and automatically compared for correctness. This approach typically saves 50%-90% of the customer testing and substantially reduces the impact of the migration on your organization.
  6. Freedom of choice: You have total freedom to choose whether to deploy in the Cloud, on-premise, or Hybrid. Our solution allows any model and has proven itself in the Cloud.
  7. Innovation: Once in the new environment, time to the solution can be accelerated through a more efficient development lifecycle, the ability to modularise and (where applicable) replace applications with standard solutions (GL, CRP, SFA, CTI, …), web enablement, enhance self-service (integrating with systems such as SharePoint) and so on. The possibilities are endless but would otherwise be a lot more difficult to achieve.
  8. Reliability: Asysco has been in business since 1979, has successfully completed more than 60 migrations and legacy transformations and has a large base of satisfied customers that are willing to testify to our customer-centric and result-driven approach.


“We selected Asysco based on the quality they offered and their ability to provide a solution in the timeframe we needed. They provided everything promised and more”.
John Weinstein, County Treasurer, Allegheny County.

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