The mainframe to C# migration made Swedish Transport Agency’s mainframe system future proof

February 21, 2019

Interview Swedish Transport Agency taken during the Asysco Technology Conference in New York 2018 

“When we searched for a suitable partner for our migration project back in 2015, we approached several companies.  We wanted to move to C# and .NET, but we had specific operating systems and code running. Asysco was the winner because it turned out that they were the only one who was able to do that.” 

“What we liked about the project with Asysco was the cooperation. Throughout the project, we were able to indicate what wasn’t working and whether they could solve it. Mostly they could, but if not, they were always very honest and clear about the reason why.” 

“Although we had some delay caused by specific batch functionalities that had to be rewritten, everything went smoothly and the go-live was very successful, almost no errors occurred.”

“A tip to companies considering a migration project, do your homework first!
When we started the project, it turned out we did not do enough. We had to figure out a lot of stuff during the project how things were working and that took us valuable time.”

“The old system we were running originated from the seventies. It was rewritten around the millennium but a lot of it was still around. Over the years, people have come and gone, so often it is hard to figure out how specific things have been done. If we had done a good research first, we could have used that time to fully focus on the migration process itself.”

“The new environment is running as it should be, it also has the capacity to meet our continuously growing transaction demand. It is very stable and there are very few incidents. Given the fact that we have changed the complete infrastructure and we did an automated migration, this is quite an accomplishment. We had not expected it to be this stable.”

“The biggest benefit is that we have moved to a platform that we can life cycle manage and that it’s easier for us to modernize our application.”

Download the complete Swedish Transport Agency case study here.