The deceiving appearances of a lift & shift migration

December 14, 2018

Trying to fit old furniture in a new house

As IT budget are limited, IT organizations always try to get maximum value from its projects. In that respect, simply lifting-and-shifting legacy applications directly from mainframe to the cloud may seem a very attractive option. Why complicate things?  It’s cheaper, faster and less complex….

Appearances are deceiving

Although a lift-and-shift migration sounds like a breeze, appearances are deceiving. It is like moving into a brand new house and come to the discovery not only that your old furniture does not fit but you’re dragging along 30 year old piping and wiring as well!!

Inadequate execution

According to Gartner, in 2019 the budgets will be exceeded in more than fifty percent of all migration projects, which could potentially disrupt the business as a result of a faulty execution.

Although 15 years ago lift & shift was the way to go, this methodology has now been overtaken by time and technology. Much better options are available. Code Transformation for example, tackles the same root problem while at the same time renews the underlying infrastructure in a like for like manner.

By completing a like for like migration prior to the cloud migration, time and money will be saved. The old code will be transformed to a Windows environment in native .NET. The new environment will be tested and can be cleansed if needed. The next step, migration to the cloud will then be smooth and painless.

Companies that opt ​​for a quick and simple solution of lift-and-shift cloud migration do not fully consider the actual costs of migration, that go further than the move itself. The old environment not only needs to fit the new space but also perform better than before. That’s where reality hits expectation.

With today’s pace of innovation, instead of fixing the problem, lift & shift only enhances it. It takes up valuable time but is not a future-proof modernization solution. Unless the plan is to completely terminate the mainframe within 3 years, lift & shift is the ‘worst possible solution’, hence not a solution at all. Whereas legacy transformation honors the irreplaceable business value while laying the ideal foundation.