Sprint delivery

June 17, 2016

Recently Asysco has embraced the Agile Sprint development method. This means we’ve officially started working in 3 development teams and new versions will be delivered to the customers every 3 weeks. Each sprint delivery contains work from all three development teams.

These versions are small in size, so installing the versions will have less impact on the existing functionalities, making it easier for the customer to keep their AMT solutions up to date so they can enjoy the newest functionalities.

This new release cycle offers our customers the following benefits:

  • customer demands can be met quicker
  • preview functionalities will be available
  • evolutionair as opposed to revolutionair implementation
  • it’s much easier to stay up to date
  • the solutions is updated and enhanced continuously

Do you want to have more information about what the Sprint development method means for you? Click here to contact us.