PWC, Microsoft and Asysco announce legacy transformation partnership

April 25, 2022

On April 20th, PWC, Microsoft, and Asysco announced a partnership to accelerate legacy transformation into the cloud.

In a world, in which innovations happen faster than ever, enterprises recognize the need to modernize their infrastructure. Digital transformation is on the top of the modernization agenda of most CEO’s and CIO’s. Moving to the cloud is an essential component. Many organizations still depend on mainframe systems for their business-critical applications and processes which, in many cases are self-developed.

PWC’s The Mainframe to Cloud transformation approach ensures that organizations can safely and reliably transform their IT systems to customer-centric, agile, and scalable cloud-based platforms in order to accelerate time-to-market and service provisioning.


The success of a Mainframe to Cloud transformation is largely determined by the adaptability of the customer’s organization, their knowledge of the complex technical systems, and management buy-in. This partnership between PWC, Asysco, and Microsoft is therefore specifically aimed at the transformation of people, processes, and technology, from strategy all the way to execution.

This unique approach is therefore more than ‘just’ an IT transformation. It is aimed at finding the right balance recalibrating the transformation strategy, the impact on financial and operational management, and ensuring active contribution from the entire organization. By applying change management on every level, financial, operational, security, and HR, this partnership is the first true solution for large-scale mainframe transformation.

The qualities and experiences of PwC, Asysco and Microsoft are essential. PwC provides market knowledge and transformation expertise for Mainframe to Cloud. Asysco provides fully automated, safe, and proven technology for the transition from mainframe to Cloud. Microsoft Azure is the hyper-scale cloud platform serving as the landing zone simultaneously providing the possibilities for further development and innovation, application modernization, and data insights.