New comparative study: Proven benefits from legacy code conversion

April 6, 2022

Р7N Advisory’s view on the practical implications of legacy code conversion

Large IT organizations often deal with legacy applications. Maintaining these can be challenging. Specifically, resource availability, keeping up with the pace of change, and the need for improved functionality, and flexibility at lower costs. Asysco AMT conversion engine aims to tackle this problem by converting mainframe legacy source code to modern platforms and technologies (Java or C#). This creates new possibilities for modernization.

CAST and Asysco agreed to objectively study and compare overall application quality metrics for a representative, end-to-end mainframe migration. The study compares the quality and risks, of a Policy Admin System before and after the conversion. Converting and moving 2 million lines of code from the IBM Mainframe environment to a Microsoft .NET cloud environment.

The results show a massive quality improvement in the converted code, at the expense of an acceptable and maintainable increase in lines of code among a variety of additional benefits.

This means for organizations that legacy code conversion is a valid alternative that should be taken seriously by those wanting to move away from mainframe setups.

Download the complete 7N advisery view including the additional benefits:

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Download the CAST study report:

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