Migrate Unisys ClearPath safely to the Cloud in a future proof way

April 13, 2021

Are you considering moving your Unisys ClearPath Libra and Dorado workloads to the Cloud? If so, then consider your options.

Unisys says that you can move them unchanged to Azure, eliminating the need for risky, expensive, and time-consuming refactoring.

But “unchanged” also means limitations in, innovation and flexibility. It quickly leads to risks and problems in the near future:

  • Dealing with continued challenges with MCP or OS2200 operating systems.
  • Continuing the development and maintenance for WFLs, ECLs, LINC and/or COBOL.
  • Dealing with mainframe applications that were never designed or optimized for the Cloud leads to latency, performance, and availability problems.

Essentially, “unchanged” means adding a little flexibility in terms of pay per use, but the problem gets worse since the required skills get increasingly scarce.

How to migrate future proof

Asysco has a proven solution to migrate both Unisys ClearPath Libra (MCP) and ClearPath Dorado (OS2200) safely to the Cloud. Using our migration technology, the Unisys proprietary dependencies all get replaced with x86 equivalents. You can choose to run on-premises in (any) Cloud or any hybrid model using all standard technologies. No more legacy, no new lock-ins! Optimized, Cloud-enabled, future-proofed and able to be flexibly adapted for future needs.

Did you know that Microsoft has a reference architecture for Unisys migrations entirely based on Asysco’s AMT technology? Have a look here.

You can continue to spend money on ClearPath without any innovation or you can spend that same money on getting you out of ClearPath and the lock-in.

The choice is yours.

We have been doing Unisys migrations successfully for over 20 years and never failed a single one. Nobody has more experience, not even Unisys.

Asysco, the Unisys migration experts!