Mainframe to Cloud migration

July 8, 2020

mainframe to cloud

Technology is evolving quickly and is essential for organizations to gain market share and improve efficiency. Moving the mainframe to Cloud is a challenge many organizations face.

Cloud technology is instrumental and is seen as a multifaceted ecosystem enabling the interconnectivity of a great number of devices through a securely accessed network.

Asysco helps to deploy the converted applications to the Cloud to allow our customers to take advantage of the Cloud’s reliability and scalability. We support all varieties of Cloud:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid

Right after a mainframe migration or  legacy transformation, you will be able to make the move to a Cloud environment. Enabling you to benefit from enhanced integration and new technologies.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution

At Asysco we focus on quality and security, that’s why we only work with a selected group of trusted, knowledgeable partners. For our Cloud solution, we work with Microsoft Azure, an open and flexible cloud computing platform and infrastructure, for building, deploying, and managing applications and services.

Pay for what you use

Check out the pricing calculator to price and configure Microsoft Azure features for your scenarios.

Easily migrate legacy systems to Cloud

Taking your legacy applications to the Cloud opens doors to innovation and drastically increases the flexibility of your IT environment. We are convinced that with the right partner and the right technology Cloud migration projects make a lot of sense, the risk can be well managed and the resulting value is simply outstanding.