Into the DARQ

May 17, 2019

In Accenture’s annual tech trend report: Technology vision of 2019, new technologies are described that are catalysts for change in the post-digital era. These are Distributed ledger technology (such as blockchain), Artificial intelligence (AI), extended Reality (including virtual and augmented reality), and Quantum computing, or in short, DARQ.

 As each of these technologies reaches maturity, businesses will use them to identify and deliver “individualized, in-the-moment” experiences in the post-digital era. This will not only create new value, but also become the norm that shapes people’s very lives!

Distributed ledgers (a category of technologies that includes blockchain) will expand networks by eliminating the need for trusted third parties.

Artificial intelligence (AI) already plays a critical role in optimizing processes and influencing strategic decision-making with much more to come as companies actively apply AI across the business.

Extended Reality, an immersive technology that includes augmented reality and virtual reality, creates entirely new ways for people to experience and engage with the world around them.

Quantum computing represents a new processing paradigm with novel ways to approach and solve the hardest computational problems.

Leading companies are already gaining expertise with early-stage tests and pilots, forming key partnerships and building up DARQ capabilities.

Ready for the future?

Although the early adopters are leading the way in this new paradigm, now is the time to assess if your organization is ready to step into the DARQ.
One thing is for sure: a mainframe/COBOL/CICS application is the worst possible starting position to integrate these new technologies into your core processes. In that case, modernizing legacy systems is the first step to be taken.

Since Asysco has successfully helped many organizations around the globe to transform their inflexible legacy applications into new, lower-cost, future proof solutions, contact us to help you.