Dia Barcelona follow up

May 2, 2016

Are your Legacy Systems holding you back from innovation?

According to several different research reports, innovations, launching new products and/or services as well as digital transformation are high on the agenda of many Insurance CEOs. On the other hand, the major challenges they face are mainly around IT operations being unable to deliver the required changes, skills shortage due to the retirement of aging IT staff, and budgetary restraints. Legacy systems play a significant role in all these challenges…

As you might have heard during the interview we had on stage with DIA founder Conny Dorrestein, we believe that every euro spent on Legacy is a euro lost on innovation.

Are you sure you still want to invest in your legacy systems? These systems are expensive to run, difficult to maintain, and virtually impossible to innovate.

There is a way to keep all the unique value you have built into your legacy system and at the same time transform it into a digital business.

Check the case studies below t0 find out how insurance/finance companies like AEGON, HBOS, and Cosvi have benefited from a fully automated Legacy Migration.

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Contact us if you would like to learn how to break free from restraining vendor lock-ins while solving the skills shortage challenge and immediately saving significant amounts of money at the same time! Looking forward to hearing from you!