Data Migration

April 14, 2017

Data Migration and integration of your database

The AMT solution provides clients with a migration path to scalable, tiered, open systems architecture. Asysco is able to offer organizations a conversion process that moves their Mainframe applications to the .NET development environment, with a (physical or virtual) Windows Server production environment supported by a modern relational database management system.

Asysco focuses entirely on delivering successful, automated, mainframe migrations, so we know what to look for and expect during the project. Every aspect of the customer’s mainframe environment is identified, analyzed and addressed as part of the scope of the migration:

Fully automated Legacy Data Migration

Legacy data is quickly and automatically migrated to the customer’s choice of relational database management systems including MS SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. Throughout the migration project, data can be repeatedly exported from the mainframe and quickly transferred into the relational database platform in order to provide a baseline for testing.

Data Migration Tools

The sources Asysco can convert include, but are not limited to:

COBOL Reporter III
LINC Report Writer
ALGOL Databases based on DMSII
MASM/C Indexed Sequential Flat Files
Workflow Language (WFLS) Keyed IO-Files
Executive Control Language (ECLS) COMS
Databases based on the DMS/RDMS /DMS2200 Schemas/SUB-Schemas

Multiple translators for all different sources

Each of these sources has unique characteristics and therefore we have created multiple translators and filters to handle each variation separately and convert them to a Language Neutral Repository. From there, Asysco’s automated generators are able to output the source code to a choice of either Asysco’s 4GL Rapid Application Development layer called AMT LION, AMT COBOL, or straight to native C# or VB.NET.