COBOL code transformation

March 24, 2018

Quite a number of companies have already moved their COBOL workloads away from the mainframe.
Many have chosen Micro Focus COBOL either with an Oracle database, usually running on UNIX or LINUX, or running SQL Server on Windows. More and more of them now face the same challenges:

  • high Micro Focus runtime and developer license costs;
  • expensive upgrades due to license increase when growing developers or workload;
  • high Oracle license costs in case of an Oracle database;
  • legacy TP monitors such as CICS emulators or Tuxedo still requiring specialist knowledge and skills;
  • scarce and thus expensive COBOL skills (most programmers well in their 50’s if not 60’s) and with that loss of ‘tribal’ knowledge;
  • proprietary-ness of COBOL and related skills not in line with what universities and other educations teach today;
  • limitation of modernization and true office and/or desktop, or even standard packages integration.

Automated Code Transformation

Asysco addresses the COBOL challenge by offering automated code migration and code transformation supported by industry-leading test applications. We provide seamless refactoring that maintains code and business logic “fidelity” in a manner that is cost-effective, requires few client resources and results in near-perfect migrations of all kinds of COBOL:

  • Micro Focus COBOL
  • NetCobol
  • IBM Cobol

Check out AMT COBOL, our fully automated COBOL transformation and refactoring engine.


  • a high degree of automation, including testing through TestMatch;
  • elimination of high-cost recurring license components: the target solution consists of native Microsoft technologies (Windows, .NET, C#, Powershell, Visual Studio, relational database);
  • technology-enabled legacy migration services using specialized converters;
  • end to end coverage: the code transformation includes the complete legacy ecosystems (code, data, security, scripts and batch, operations framework) are migrated to ensure minimal impact of the migration project;
  • a high-end framework that has a proven track record in terms of performance, scalability, resilience, security, manageability and any other quality of service aspect.

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