Asysco’s AMT runs natively in the Cloud

April 1, 2021

Did you know that AMT apps automatically run in the Cloud?

Asysco’s AMT Cloud environment delivers Platform as a Service (PaaS), allowing you the ability to develop, run, and support your migrated legacy applications without the complexity of buying, standing up, and maintaining on-premises infrastructure.
You can host this yourself or let us host it for you.

√ Quick and Easy Scalability           √ 24/7  Support

√ Security                                          √ High-availability and Disaster Recovery

AMT runs natively in the Cloud with no re-engineering or extra programming required. With a seamless shift from on-premises to the Cloud, there are virtually no changes for developers or application end-users.

AMT Cloud is provider agnostic
Flexibility to choose your preferred Cloud provider including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle.

AMT Cloud is flexible
You can choose to run fully in the Cloud or in a hybrid Cloud/On-Prem environment and switch between Cloud and On-Prem whenever you wish.

AMT Cloud saves money
No more paying for oversized, underutilized CPU/RAM. With AMT Cloud, your infrastructure is always right-sized and never incurs OpEx costs for power, cooling, or facility security.

AMT Cloud means no more disruption
AMT Cloud provides your Developers, Operators, and End-Users with complete access to your AMT applications from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Allow Asysco to host your AMT Cloud, and we will ensure your systems are optimally configured and kept up-to-date!

Benefits of choosing Asysco as your Managed Service Provider include:

  • Regular System Maintenance Schedule
  • Security Advisement
  • Controlled AMT Software Updates
  • Disaster Recovery Drills

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