Asysco, the true Unisys mainframe solution

August 5, 2021

We occasionally run into companies who accepted an initially attractive-looking offer from Unisys to reduce costs on their mainframe applications.

They get a proposal to run MCP or OS2200 in emulated mode on Intel hardware on-premises or move these workloads into the Cloud where they are supposedly more agile. This solution is advertised as low risk pointing at ‘the risk of failed migrations’ under the Clearpath Forward tag line.

But once they are in this lower-cost environment, the problem becomes apparent: they are now completely stuck in an MCP or OS2200 environment running old COBOL, LINC, ALGOL, or XGEN code bases. Support for these is exceptionally challenging, and people with the right skills are gone.

Big problem! And essentially Clearpath Backward instead of Forward! But it gets worse: now there is also no ROI of migrating off of these programs onto open technologies anymore, and you are stuck with outdated technologies where the only option is to sunset that system and replace it entirely. Ultimately this is much more expensive. Sounds like the good-cheap-fast predicament.

Facing and solving these legacy issues upfront is ultimately much more effective, less disruptive, and the ONLY solution to the problem.

Asysco has NEVER failed a migration, and you can trust us to do the job. We are the true Unisys migration experts. Contact us to understand how we can give you a real Forward solution that helps you.