2020 SIG Benchmark Report: Legacy ends up bottom of the list

September 23, 2020

Author Herman Eggink, CCO Asysco







Software Improvement Group (SIG) recently published its 2020 Benchmark Report*. On page 10, they compare software build quality by technology stack and, no surprise, legacy ends up bottom of the list citing lack of innovation (“less advanced”) and high complexity as the key causes. Low code and BPM however rank the highest.

It’s great to see this conclusion underlined in the report as it’s been Asysco’s mantra for decades: transform the legacy mainframe technologies and applications to a native x86 stack such that the resulting system is ideally suited for further and incremental innovation. This introduces a fit-for-purpose IT infrastructure where complex systems can be gradually disentangled and subsystems can be modernized based on business demands rather than in an all or nothing reengineering kind of way.

A great example is our customer, VIVAT, who used the funds, that were freed up as a result of the migration, to gradually replace hardcoded functionality with flexible BPM. This moved them from technology ranked #6 (Legacy) in the SIG 2020 Benchmark Report straight to #1 (BPM), via #4 (Microsoft). Business impact: marketing campaigns have gone from months to weeks, underwriting has gone from a week to seconds. Even with these innovations, their run cost is still significantly lower than in their mainframe era so a truly double-edged sword.

That’s how build quality translates straight into business opportunity!

Watch their journey here

*2020 Through the SIG looking glass. Written by Dr. Luc Brandts, CEO SIG, and Dr. Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research SIG. Download the report here