Asysco’s Natural/Adabas migration solution is a versatile solution providing an end-to-end solution to replace address Natural/Adabas workloads replacing the proprietary technologies with modern, open equivalents. For those that want to remain on the mainframe, a mainframe-based solution also exists.

Through our automated framework, Asysco migrates the entire mainframe ecosystem:

  • Code (Natural, Assembler, COBOL, ..)
  • Data (Adabas and other)
  • Batch (scripts and scheduling, e.g. JCL, REXX),
  • Security
  • Operations management

A tested, functionally unchanged, and complete ecosystem is delivered back to our customers. Better yet, the target system has the same or better quality of service (performance, availability, scalability, resilience, manageability, ..) and is as maintainable and manageable as the original Natural/Adabas environment.

The conversion process utilizes Natural’s SYSTRANS output format, in order to migrate the Natural artifacts. This approach largely isolates the conversion from the underlying system, therefore every Natural platform is supported, i.e. IBM Mainframe (z/OS, MVS), Siemens BS2000, and Unix.