Transition and Migration services

Asysco’s core competence and expertise are to deliver high-quality, no failure turnkey legacy migration services by leveraging our suite of automated code and data converters in combination with our depth of experience and expertise. Every migration project is delivered by an Asysco team of highly experienced and skilled migration engineers/consultants. The migration services provided by Asysco include:

  • Migration Project Methodology and Management
    Proven, best practices based approach that minimizes complexities and thus risk and cost.
  • Site Survey – Inventory and Analysis
    A 3-5 day on-site visit to investigate and confirm all aspects of the proposed migration project, allowing a good understanding of the scale of the proposed migration in order to give a realistic fixed price/fixed time proposal for the project.
  • Architecture Design, Hardware/Infrastructure Specification Recommendations
    All information from the site survey is aggregated, analyzed and run through specialized algorithms to determine the optimal, recommended configuration for the AMT based hardware architecture.
  • Installation and Configuration of the Migrated Applications and Data
    In conjunction with the client’s mainframe operators and open system administrators Asysco will guide the initial setup/ installation of the target environment and framework as well as deploy the migrated applications and data.
  • In-Project Training
    Asysco provides training for end-users, developers, system administrators and operators.
  • Testing guidelines, automation and best practices
    Due to the automated transformation the resulting system behaves in the exact same way as the original. Existing users can test the new system just as if they were using the old one. Also, any existing regression tests can be re-used to test the new system. Testing can be done manually or in an automated way using testing tools such as TestMatch.
  • Dress rehearsal support
    Asysco will support you in preparing your operations to ensure a seamless transition. This stage involves setting up a temporary command center/war room for the cut-over, sending relevant communications to all related areas, setting up security profiles including preparing for AD/Single Sign On integration, staging interfaces/integration points and print/output management settings and verifying all hardware environments are ready for Go Live. Two or more Dress Rehearsal events will be planned where each step of the cut-over process is simulated or performed.
  • Go live Cut-over support
    During the actual Go Live event, we sit together with you and run through the Go Live steps passing through each Go/No Go decision point. The latest data is brought over from the mainframe and the system is reconfigured for promotion to production.
  • Post Go live support and warranty period
    For the first days after Go Live, Asysco will remain onsite to ensure quick resolution to any production issues and to help “side-along” mentor your development and operations teams. Thereafter you will receive support for the systems under Asysco’s Migration Warranty.
  • Project and System Documentation Deliverables
    As part of the handover of the migrated system, a complete set of documents is delivered to you including the full range of project management reports, testing reports, AMT manuals and user documentation.