Micro Focus

Traditional rehosting relies on emulating a mainframe environment. This is done using COBOL compilers (like Micro Focus, GT Software, and others), CICS emulators (Micro Focus Enterprise Server, IBM’s Tx Series, Raincode’s QIX, NTT Data’s Unikix), JCL emulators, OS390 Assembler emulators, and so on.

This approach transfers legacy dependencies from IBM products straight to another vendor creating the same lock-in you are trying to get away from. Moving to a new vendor may reduce cost but this is at the expense of having to run another project to eventually migrate to native x86 based, innovative, and agile IT environments.

Why accept the downsides of traditional rehosting if you can do next-generation rehosting that does not reply on proprietary emulation software and truly delivers an open, modern, agile x86 environment?

Asysco has helped many Micro Focus customers to migrate away from the expensive locked-in model straight into innovation and choice.

Transformation flexibility where your programmers can continue to develop in COBOL, utilizing your skills and expertise until you’re ready to move on.

We can help you migrate off of mainframes. We can also migrate you off of Micro Focus (lock-ins).