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For joining the Asysco Technology Conference 2022 in Amsterdam!

Thanks to you, the event was a great success!
We really enjoyed exchanging information, networking, and having fun with you. So far, your feedback has been encouragingly positive!


We were honored to welcome all of you, customers, prospective customers, vendors, partners, and colleagues, as our guests to the 2022 Asysco Technology Conference and tell you about our plans for the future.



In June, Asysco was acquired by Avanade. Asysco has always been focused on the first step in the Mainframe modernization process: the migration from Mainframe to open systems since, being a relatively small company, we had to make choices, and that meant that we regularly had to say “no” to customers who wanted our help to modernize systems after a migration. But now, with Avanade’s potential, we can support our (prospective) clients globally, in their overall digital transformation and business innovation journey, where legacy environments are in the way of realizing the strategic and operational benefits of moving to a Microsoft cloud environment.

So, we are thrilled about all the new knowledge and products Avanade offers, which we can now add to our existing mainframe migration knowledge, to support you in the whole modernization journey where needed.

Finally, this was, after 11 years, my last ATC on behalf of Asysco. I will leave Asysco, but much more importantly, all other management members will stay on. I am convinced that we can serve you in the future as we did in the past and with the power and knowledge of Avanade we can now offer a much broader range of products and services and be an even better partner for now and the future.

Jaap van Barneveld
Former CEO


Below you will find the download links to the presentations of the Asysco Technology Conference 2022.

The documents are in PDF format and are password protected.
If you have any questions and/or require additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

ATC 2022 Welcome

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ATC 2022 – Business Update

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ATC 2022 _AMT Roadmap 2023-2024

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ATC 2022 _ AMT Dev Studio to C#

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ATC 2022 _ Security AMT environment

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ATC 2022 – Mainframe to Azure_App Modernization

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ATC 2022 – Manage and Evolve for Asysco Technology Conference

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