A faster route
to customer Cloud innovation

Partnering with Asysco

Enhance your customer proposition and increase
the revenue of your transformation project five-fold
using Asysco’s mainframe transformation solution.

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Get your customers started on
long-term transformation – fast

Asysco’s unique system conversion allows you to evolve your
customer’s application code into modern Cloud-native quickly,
with minimal risk.

Offer an end-to-end roadmap that combines re-hosting and re-factoring

Migrate quickly, at guaranteed cost and using automated approach

Test continuously to minimize errors, and better control conversion

Create strategic, long-term customer engagements with grater value.

Why tie your customers
down when you can open them up?

Offer your customers a more cost-effective approach to mainframe transformation and open new routes to cloud. Deliver immediate benefits of re-hosting without lock-in to emulation software.

A solution that meets your diverse requirements…

Conversion Engine

A turn-key solution to simplify the migration of the entire system.

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Landing Platform

Designed to help the customer start innovating from the get-go.

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Fluid, single process

Your customers decide the pace: from re-hosting to refactoring to full transformation.

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Transition Services

On-hand support helping you to run the technology and improve core competencies.

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… and opens up new opportunities

Our factory model allows you to integrate Asysco’s unique technology
into your wider customer transformation process. It also leaves you with
total control of the project and customer relationship. You decide if and
when we step back, or whether we continue to support you.

Enhance your customer offering

Augment your existing solution and compliment your service, offering a bespoke approach for your customers.

In-source transition capabilities

Set up the solution to fit your specific mainframe transformation practices and benefit from ongoing training and support.

Speed up time-to-innovation

Transform mainframe code faster than your competitors can – at a guaranteed cost and time.

Improve engagement rate

Minimize the risk of disruption with automated testing to improve the predictability and profitability of the project.

Align internal stakeholders

Define responsibilities and improve accountability using our proven partner engagement model.

Create 5x more opportunity

Use your initial engagement as a springboard to further transformation projects to generate up to five times greater revenue.

Why partner with Asysco?

Our track record speaks for itself: we have been working with businesses since 1979, continuously evolving
our practices and knowledge in line with changing market and technology.


Our team has successfully transformed a number of mission-critical workloads and we always commit to a project budget and lead time – never exceeding either.

Unmatched expertise

Asysco expertise is unparalleled: we have converted millions of lines of code and provide exceptional service to bring organizations closer to innovation, fast.


Migration projects involve a number of skills and moving parts. We work with experienced partners to make sure we can offer the most comprehensive set of skills.

An engagement with Asysco can open
the door to up to 5x more revenue

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