Case study: VIVAT

VIVAT encompasses multiple insurance brands (e.g. Zwitserleven, Reaal, Route-Mobiel, Reaal Dier & Zorg and Zelf) and a sustainable asset manager (ACTIAM).

The brands that have been united in VIVAT have been helping customers to become more financially self-reliant for 150 years. Education and solidarity have always been key concepts and today VIVAT is still a reliable insurer with a social conscience.

Over the past decades, VIVAT had developed its core insurance systems using the Unisys EAE/LINC programming language running on Unisys Libra 690 mainframes. Over time the organization found that this environment burdened them with high cost and limited flexibility. Therefore they decided to migrate off the mainframe to a future-proof Windows environment. As a result of the migration they immediately saved 70% in operational and infrastructure cost.

“With the outcome of this project we’ve achieved our goals within time, budget and quality for the business and IT. So, we are very happy to have Asysco and TCS as strategic partners in this migration project. It felt as one organization with one goal.”

Sander Nienkemper, IT Manager Individual Life, VIVAT


The Asysco mainframe migration project was the first vital step of Vivat towards their goal to create a fully agile organisation. Besides cutting cost, the migration also improved the innovation power of their IT platform, which turned out to be just as crucial. They can now deliver more value and thus be more competitive than before.

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