Case study: Swedish Transport Agency (Transport Styrelsen)

The Swedish Transport Agency (STA) aims to achieve good accessibility, high quality, secure and environmentally aware rail, air, sea and road transport. The Agency has approximately 1.650 employees, operates in 13 locations and has an IT department of around 230 people based in Örebro. For 40 years STA had been using a Unisys OS2200 mainframe but after Unisys announced the planned retirement of EAE, STA decided to look for a suitable alternative. After a thorough procurement process they chose for Fujitsu, together with Asysco to migrate their Unisys legacy environment to Windows and the C # programming language. The migration directly resulted in:

• Cost reduction
• End of year batch time reduced from 7 hours to 22 minutes
• De-support and continuity risks eliminated
• Reduced number of operational issues
• New development started within 1 month after go-live

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