Case study: Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance

Since 1946, generations have relied on Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company (SFBLI) to provide superior service to its policyholders and agents, creating a legacy of ethical standards. Today their organization has branched into cities and towns all over the South. With a mission to continue their core principles, SFBLI needed to improve their ability to meet today’s customers’ expectations of speed and accessibility.

Late 2016, SFBLI contacted Asysco regarding a migration to get off the IBM mainframe. They had realized that the mainframe was extremely expensive to maintain and also required specialist mainframe that was increasingly scarce.

Asysco began SFBLI’s IBM Mainframe migration project with a Kick-Off in November 2018 and ended with a successful cut-over first weekend of November 2020.

I think companies should not get to what I call the ‘tipping point’ and wait too long to move off the mainframe.”

Charlie Allen, VP, Chief Technology Officer at Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance.

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