Case study: OTP Banka Hrvatska

OTP banka Hrvatska is the eighth largest bank in the Croatian banking market, with total assets of HRK 16.2 billion. The bank has a wide spread network consisting of 105 branches throughout Croatia. With approximately 1,100 employees they provide services to over 400.000 customers, both business as well as consumers. The bank’s headquarter is in Zadar and has business centers in Zagreb, Pula, Sisak, Dubrovnik and Osijek.

OTP banka Hrvatska had been running their core, business critical Unisys banking application URBIS on EAE/Linc for Linux for a long time. However, when Unisys announced the end of extended support for Linc/EAE for Linux, Solaris and Aix Systems by the end of 2016, OTP decided it was time to move to a modern supported software development platform. One that allows modernization of the applications and innovations such as web services.

“If you’re looking to modernize your legacy system and migrate from Unisys EAE/Linc to a Windows based environment within a reasonably short timeframe, we strongly recommend Asysco and their experienced professionals. They do the job!”  Marija Piasevoli, OTP banka IT Director and URBIS migration Project Manager



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