Case study: Liberty Travel

Travel provides vacations to over 1,000,000 customers a year. All these bookings are made and transacted using the LINC enterprise application environment. Liberty had been using traditional mainframe processing platforms, an A18 and an NX5800, to deal with the high volume real time requirements.

That changed when it became clear to Liberty Travel that NT Server technology was reliable enough to process complex and important core applications. Today the inquiries and bookings that used to go to the A18 from Liberty’s web servers are passed through to NT server based system. The LINC system, now generated for NT, takes transactions from agencies and web users alike, and processes them against a MS SQL Server database. There are interfaces to a variety of outside organizations including Car Rental and Credit Card companies. The system is complex and uses NOF processing to interface with the web servers and HUBing to communicate with other LINC systems running on the NX5800.

“Our objectives have been achieved. Performance and reliability were vital issues to us. We have seen improvement in the systems availability due to architecture differences. We selected Asysco LION technology due to its proven track record and it’s ability to process the volumes of transactions we have here at Liberty. I have been very pleased with the ability and commitment of the organizations involved.”

About Liberty Travel

Liberty Travel, the largest privately owned leisure travel company in America, has been providing ways for its customers to get to the sun for over 60 years. They provide vacations to over 1,000,000 customers a year.In 2013, Liberty Travel had 170 stores in 14 states, and a total of 2,200 employees.

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