Case study: IFN Finance

After having worked with Burroughs mainframes for fifteen years, IFN Finance migrated to AMT LION on the Windows platform. IFN’s decision was based on two arguments: reducing the operational costs of the I.T. systems, and improving the flexibility of its I.T. solutions by migrating towards a standard, open platform.
With its old Unisys LINC system, IFN considered itself locked in the Unisys environment. With the use the AMT Framework, IFN will be able to continue to develop their core factoring system in line with the company’s strategic direction.

“To our amazement, Asysco’s prediction proved to be correct: almost the entire migration could be carried out automatically. This enables IFN Finance to achieve an interesting objective: maintaining an application that was crucial to its business operations while drastically reducing IT costs at the same time.”
Marcel den Outer, project leader for IFN Finance


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