Case study: Hernando County

Hernando County needed huge increases in database performance, and wanted to become less dependent on the proprietary MCP/DMSII knowledge located in the minds of a few key staff members. They were looking for a transition to Windows without giving up the levels of reliability, resilience and dependability they had become accustomed to as Unisys mainframe users.

AMT LION helped Hernando County to make a smooth transition from their mainframe environment to the Microsoft Windows platform. The solution enabled Hernando County to run reports much faster and to increase their performance. They realized nearly $1 million in cost savings for their taxpayers over a period of 5 years.

“We were amazed and didn’t really believe it somehow. Asysco took one of our systems and all its data and within a few hours it was running just as it was on our mainframe, reverse reads and everything. We changed nothing”.
Garry Allen Director of Technology Services, Hernando County.

About Hernando County

Hernando County is located on the central-west coast of Florida, north of Tampa Bay. It borders the Gulf of Mexico on the west, and has a population of 140,000 which places it well within the “typical county” size range.

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