Case study: Hatfield

Hatfield wanted to reduce the complexity and ownership of the mix of the Unisys mainframe and Windows/LAN platforms and move into a completely “open systems” environment. Very few of the IT staff had the LINC knowledge needed to maintain the application well into the future, so Hatfield looked for a Windows solution which would minimize their development costs and cut their development cycle.

Asysco provided a cost-effective solution to migrate Hatfield’s LINC systems from the expensive, proprietary world of the mainframe to the robust, feature-rich world of Windows, without sacrificing any integrity of systems, applications, or data.

“AMT LION increased the processing speed of Hatfield and drastically reduced processing time. Some jobs that were running on the mainframe for 72 hours were reduced to a processing time of less than 10 minutes.”


About Hatfield

Hatfield and Company was founded in 1959 and is a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of Filtration, Instrumentation, Loading, Valves, Steam/Air, and other piping related products. Hatfield works with its customers to provide solutions to problems and overall operating cost savings.

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