Case study: Cosvi

COSVI needed to replace the existing mainframe system that was going out of support. Therefore they decided to Migrate to Asysco’s (AMT) LION. This allowed a conversion of the existing systems to a Windows-based system environment. Which gave them the ability to easily modernize the converted application.

“We are able to process information faster and more efficiently. In addition, our maintenance costs have lowered considerably. I feel amazed how fast our developers are ‘forgetting’ the old platform and have acquired so much confidence and expertise with AMT-LION. They are very pleased with it and would not trade it back in for COBOL – ever.”
Julio Villafañe VP IT, COSVI


The Cooperativa de Seguros de Vida de Puerto Rico, COSVI, is a native Puerto Rican organization. COSVI was created to protect the most important thing: both yours and your loved ones’ LIFE! We are extremely proud to be the first and only cooperative insurer of life on the Island.

We work hard everyday, to continue to write the pages of our success story and to exceed tour customers’ expectations. As well as to continue our commitment to maintain our most important rationale: to protect life.

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