Case study: Brabantia

The nightly scheduled batch procedures on the NX4600 machine was running out of the capacity and was declining the operational on-line performance. Therefore, Brabantia needed a migration to integrate the LINC software with their Novell and NT wide area network and directly solve their batch capacity issue.


The MRP system of Brabantia has been migrated from the NX4600 (RPM 360) to the existing Novell and NT platform, using Asysco AMT LION in combination with a dual processing NT Machine.

“We now use only the half of the capacity of the NT machine and with the on-line reporting of AMT LION we service our users with fast operation information. Our business applications run just as stable under Windows as they used to do on the mainframe. But we’re now much more flexible in linking to external applications. Moreover, thanks to AMT LION, we can easily provide our legacy applications with a web interface.”
 J. van Soest, ICT Manager

About Brabantia

Brabantia is an international manufacturer for household products that retain their beauty and performance for the next 20 years. Right from the start, back in 1919, Brabantia has put all available knowledge, expertise and experience into developing solid, reliable products that can last a lifetime. Today everything, from our selection of raw materials to the design of our packaging, must result in the attitude and the core value of Brabantia: durability.

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