Case study: Agrico

The increased popularity and demand for Agrico’s quality products and services produced a corresponding increase in the processing demand placed on the company’s A14-311, requiring an upgrade every year. Unable to meet the escalating demands, Agrico was looking at an mainframe upgrade to a ClearPath NX 4600 or higher. Agrico was impressed with the versatility and cost-effectiveness of the Windows NT platform and its integration with other office products. In reviewing solutions that would combine the cost-effectiveness of the NT environment with their expertise and investments in LINC/LDA, Agrico evaluated and subsequently licensed AMT-LION.

“Asysco’s approach allowed for a progressive changeover that preserved the staff’s existing business knowledge and optimized the applications for the new environment. Agrico was not able to avoid a hardware upgrade, but we were able to completely eliminate our mainframe processing, and increase our revenues. Because of the increased speed of the system in the new environment, we are now able to invoice 1 day earlier than with the old system.”

About Agrico

A powerful, cooperative organisation that sells potatoes all over the world, breeds new varieties and develops innovative solutions. That sums up Agrico. From seedling to the supermarket shelf.

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