AMT Control Center

Full control after mainframe migration or code transformation

The chances of success of a migration project can be increased by the level of insight and control after the mainframe migration or code transformation. AMT Control Center provides a central administration toolset for the system administration functions. It gives administrators insight in and control over the new Microsoft .Net based environment. It’s user friendly interface increases user adaption and satisfaction.

AMT Control Center includes features that mainframe operators have become accustomed to as well as new and advanced features such as:

  • Application Management: Send messages and control access to end-users of online applications. Setup and maintain load balancing and failover of the online system;
  • Report Management: Define multiple report queues and start, monitor and manage the output of report requests
  • Job/Script Management: Schedule, monitor and troubleshoot Job runs;
  • Security Management: Establish group based security schema which can easily be integrated with the Active Directory or native membership provider;
  • Alert/Message Management: View messages and alerts and respond to awaiting requests;
  • Performance Statistics and Transaction Monitoring: See at-a-glance view of transaction events and system performance data including screen response times, database and file IO;
  • System Configuration and Maintenance: Set values such as printer definitions, base file paths, log periods, date/time formats and other central configuration values.