The Asysco IBM COBOL migration solution takes any application developed in COBOL, using CICS or IMS TP monitors and underlying storage (IMS-DB, DB2, VSAM, sequential files) and automatically converts these into a fully identical application, but designed to run within an alternative environment on open systems. The new application eliminates legacy constructs like CICS, IBM and JCL and, instead, uses modern and industry standard development tools such as C# .NET, SQL Server, Oracle and so on to allow flexible application integration and extension. The COBOL logic can stay in COBOL or be modernized to C#.

Through our automated framework, the Asysco IBM  COBOL migration solution, migrates the entire mainframe ecosystem:

  • Code (Assembler, Cobol, ..)
  • Data (relational, hierarchical, network and file based)
  • Batch (scripts and scheduling, e.g. JCL, REXX)
  • Security (e.g. ACF2, RACF)
  • Operations management

A tested, functionally unchanged and complete ecosystem, AMT GO, is delivered back to our customers. Better yet, the target system has same or better quality of service (performance, availability, scalability, resilience, manageability, ..) and is as maintainable and manageable as the original mainframe environment. For maximum grip and control a comprehensive adminstrative toolset, AMT Control Center is available.