Transforming and refactoring all kinds of COBOL

Companies are struggling to manage the costs and resources needed to maintain COBOL code.
Even if organizations already ‘ported’ or ‘lifted and shifted’ their COBOL code to Linux,
UNIX or Windows platforms, limitations remain such as:

Increasing costs

High runtime and developer license costs.

Expensive upgrades due to licensing increase.

Shortage of skills

Scarce and thus expensive COBOL skills.

New workforce not taught COBOL code.

Hindered modernisation efforts

Limitations in integration with third-party software.

Lock-in due to emulation software.

From rehosting, through refactoring to
complete transformation

Asysco AMT COBOL solution addresses the COBOL challenge by offering automated code migration
and transformation supported by industry-leading test applications.

AMT COBOL provides seamless migrations that maintain code and business logic “fidelity”.
Whereby that’s cost-effective, requires few client resources and result in near-perfect migrations.

Not a COBOL emulator

AMT COBOL is not another emulation software but is a truly unique transformation engine generating native, readable and maintainable C#/VB.NET and Java.

Incremental modernisation

Move fluidly from rehosting to refactoring – and benefit from the choice of whether to continue programming in COBOL or switch to C#/VB.NET and Java.

Maximization of legacy investments

Capitalize on your current COBOL knowledge and the expertise of your developers, by which opening the door for new technology at the same time.

Supporting all COBOL transformations

Taking out the code compiling element, AMT COBOL supports code transformation including NetCobol, Micro Focus, Unisys COBOL, IBM COBOL, COBOL-IT, and any other.


All legacy artifacts are converted to native .NET equivalents whereby:

  • All of the variable naming conventions, global definitions and programmer comments are preserved
    throughout the migrated code
  • Programmers can continue to develop in the exact same way as they were on the original platform and are given the freedom to either continue programming in COBOL or switch to C#/VB.NET at any time
  • The underlying infrastructure uses the same technologies that have been proven in over 60 successful migrations
  • The generated C#/VB.NET code has been proven to be fully maintainable/manageable. At any point in time, this code can be taken as the basis for further development without any limitations ensuring that no lock-in exists and the solution is fully future proof.
  • The generated C#/VB.NET code uses Asysco’s AMT GO (Asysco’s target runtime environment which is based on standard Microsoft components) which ensures that the target system is scalable, manageable, secure and resilient.