Cloud Migration

Every legacy transformation project needs to ensure that the original environment’s quality of service is met and ideally exceeded. Performance, expressed in response time and batch windows, is critical. Just as availability, scalability, and manageability.


In designing our landing platform AMT GO, this has always been the key guiding principle: ensure scaling, both up and out, create resilience, thereby ensuring that no single points of failure exist, and full redundancy can be achieved.

cloud migration

The Asysco Cloud approach is unique in the following ways:


Cload building blocks

All the different (virtual machines, network, storage, and so on) across all layers (access, transactions, database) have been defined in a standard cloud-centric way for use in any size environment. Small, medium, large, and very large. With a relatively small set of our cloud building blocks definitions, every workload can be replicated in an x86 based environment. This while still meeting, and often exceeding, the mainframe quality. Anyone wishing to deploy on-premise can take our component definitions and easily create, allowing full deployment flexibility.
The Cloud building blocks templates encompass entire operations environments: from development, test, acceptance/pre-production all the way through to production. Our AMT migration tools completely automate creating, cloning, and destroying environments at the press of a button.  The cloud building blocks deliver the exact same functionality, look and feel, and quality of service as your mainframe or legacy environment.

Experience built-in

Powered by our significant mainframe migration experience. They are augmented with usage data across all our projects showing the immediate benefits of a pay-per-use, Cloud-centric model. Our project experience has enabled us to incorporate practical usage data (usage statistics of development, test, accept and production environments) into our model. This allows you to understand and reap all the benefits from a more flexible, by being able to easily spin up and clone different environments, and cost-efficient infrastructure. Because you only pay for what you are using at the time.

Proven in performance

Exceptional performance has always been one of the key differentiators of the Asysco AMT solution. Not having to rely on emulation means that we are only dependent on the performance of the operating system platforms that we run on. And not on any third-party or even Asysco owned runtime components. So our performance approach is not only ‘native,’ but it also allows us to be very flexible in addressing each of our customers’ individual performance requirements individually.

To provide customers with the highest levels of performance and predictability, Asysco worked with Microsoft to benchmark AMT GO in Azure. Resulting in a ground-breaking 28,666 MIPS equivalent.

For details, download the benchmark report:

Mainframe Alternative Sizing using AMT

1.16 MB

To date, this benchmark is still unsurpassed, and clearly underlines Asysco’s AMT GO technology as an industry leader.

Openness, choice without lock-ins
Our landing platform, AMT GO, is fully qualified for any major (public) cloud vendors and supports all of the key containerization technologies. Additionally, AMT GO is available for deployment in Microsoft Windows and on Linux, giving you complete choice and independence without any lock-ins. 

Asysco: moving to the Cloud without moving heaven and earth!

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