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Asysco, truly a great place to work

“Working for Asysco means working for a high-tech organization with great focus on service and quality. We consider ourselves to be THE mainframe modernization experts out there. Our highly qualified people are at the base of our success. I strongly believe, actually I KNOW, that it is their continuous drive for improvement and perfection that enables us to be the best partner in mainframe modernization and migration. Besides the more than 30-years experience we hold in the company our people are simply born to go the extra mile and deliver high quality solutions for our clients.

When hiring, we always seek the exact mixture of “ingredients” in a person. Not only do we look for the outstanding technical skills and great motivation, we’ve also determined 5 core competencies that reflect the ideal Asysco employee: Problem solving, Perseverance, Standing alone, Customer focus & Ethics & Values.”

In return, of course, we do our best to take care of our staff by providing competitive benefit packages, focusing on personal development, organizing outings on a regular basis and maintaining an informal working environment with (very) short communication lines and room for individual input.

To cut a long story short; It just truly is a great place to work”

Below the job experience of Gert Katerbarg:

Gert Katerbarg

I started at Asysco almost four years ago as an IT Services Consultant, which was a big step for me personally knowing that previously I had mostly worked in sales/marketing positions. Just before I started working at Asysco, I started an IT study, which meant I could start realizing my dream. Also, my work would become an addition to the knowledge I gained in the education program. Certainly, this transition has not always been easy at the beginning, due to my lack of knowledge in the field of IT.

However, due to my determination and support of my colleagues, I was able to obtain the knowledge and skills needed for the job. Though, I can certainly say that I am still learning every day, which makes Asysco such an exciting company to work at. On a normal day, Asysco customers raise all kinds of questions and requests, which in turn requires you to acquire a lot of different technical knowledge in various facets of the IT industry, in order to provide an answer.

The fact that you are always gaining experience, together with customer contact, makes that this position will never be boring.

This year Asysco presented me with an opportunity to move to a position as a tester within the R&D team. This fits me well, and is in line with what I foresee for my future. I would like to grow further within the company, and will first finish my education program together with the help of Asysco.”

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Based in the Netherlands: IT Services Support Consultant

The position of IT Services Support Consultant involves providing technical support to Asysco ’s customers. This technical support is primarily investigating and answering questions and enhancement requests relating to the usage of the Asysco ’s Devel [...]

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