Based in the US: Junior Services Consultant

The position of Junior Services Consultant involves providing technical support to Asysco ’s customers. This technical support is primarily investigating and answering questions and enhancement requests relating to the usage of Asysco ’s Development Studio IDE, which is used to develop .NET runtime applications, and Asysco ’s Control Center used for administration and operations of the customer’s runtime environments. The Junior Services Consultant reports to the Asysco Global Services Manager and is supported by Asysco ’s product development team. The Junior Services Consultant works from Asysco ‘s Peachtree City office and occasionally visits Asysco ‘s US customers.

The Position

As a Junior Services Consultant, you will:

  • provide technical support to Asysco ’s customers, through investigating reported runtime incidents and answering questions raised by customers about Asysco ’s development, administration, and operations products.
  • deliver training and presentations both internally and to Asysco ‘s customers either onsite at the customer, or at the annual Asysco Technology Conference.
  • maintain Asysco ‘s product release environments.
  • maintain technical details and contact details of customers.
  • write technical articles for sharing directly with customers, or for adding to the knowledge base.

Your Profile

To fill the position of Junior Services Consultant we expect you to:

  • have an aptitude for IT and some experience in programming.
  • preferably possess knowledge of C#, PowerShell, and SQL Server.
  • possess customer service skills and good communicative abilities, both written and verbally.
  • have a good command of the English language.
  • reside within commutable distance to Peachtree City.

Highly Preferred Skills

Asysco’s Core Competencies:

As an employee of Asysco, you are deeply interested in technology, and troubleshooting, with the perseverance to not give up. You can work individually as well as in a team. You possess good problem-solving skills, have a strong customer focus, and work by strong ethics and values.

Have strong customer focus

Be able to stand alone

Have strong perseverance

Possess good problem solving skills

Have (and work by) strong ethics and values

Our offer

Working at Asysco is characterized by working in the latest technology, a high-paced environment, with highly dedicated and ambitious teams. An environment in which you are part of an organization having high esteem in the IT modernization arena and an organization that is known and respected for its know-how, expertise, and innovative character. Good relations and collaboration with Microsoft’s R&D department are proof of the fact that Asysco has been a frontrunner in the .NET world from the beginning, for over 40 years now. Our ‘Partner status’ with Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, and others also illustrates this.

In this environment of a continuously developing and growing global organization, we offer you a challenging position as Junior Services Consultant, with room for growth. The Junior Services Consultant role is the first step to a Consultancy role, in which technical support is provided at the customer’s site throughout the US. However, the role of Junior Services Consultant could also be the first step to another role within our organization. To elaborate more on the growth opportunities of this role, you can read the testimonials of our colleagues Gert Katerbarg and Robbin Steffens, who have also been Junior Services Consultant in the past.

We offer a full-time job, a good salary, competing benefits and internal training. Are you interested in taking the next step in your career?


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