Azure Cloud

Mainframe to Azure Cloud migration

Technology is evolving quickly and is essential for organizations to gain market share and improve efficiency.
Cloud technology is instrumental and is seen as a multifaceted ecosystem enabling the interconnectivity of a great number of devices through a securely accessed network.

Bring Mainframe and Legacy applications to the Cloud with Azure

The Asysco AMT runtime architecture is qualified for and proven with Microsoft Azure. It supports online and batch applications.

Azure Cloud Service

Asysco has fully implemented Azure in the Asysco AMT technology stack offering our joint customers complete freedom of mainframe to Cloud deployment:

  • on-premise, traditional
  • on-premise private Cloud
  • off-premise public Cloud
  • and/or any hybrid combination


Azure Cloud Solution

The Microsoft Azure Cloud environment delivers the exact same functionality, look & feel and quality of service as your mainframe or legacy environment.

The inclusion of MS Azure into the AMT technology is so seamless and simple that the type of deployment is literally determined by the press of a button.

Easily migrate to Microsoft Azure

Taking your legacy applications to the Cloud opens doors to innovation and drastically increases the flexibility of your IT environment.

Benchmark proves outstanding performance

Recently Asysco reran the benchmark application called zRef, using Asysco’s AMT framework in Azure. Where previous tests already showed impressive results, running the benchmark on a single M128 VM in Azure resulted in a very impressive 18,500 MIPS equivalent but running the same benchmark in a distributed Azure configuration (i.e. only the database running on the M128 VM and the transaction servers running on other virtual machines) resulted in a groundbreaking 28,666 MIPS equivalent and the Azure advanced networking allows extreme scalability with little or no loss of performance.

The benchmark tests have shown that using the zRef benchmark application, AMT provides both the lowest cost as well as the highest performing mainframe alternative infrastructure where the Cloud truly is the new mainframe.

Download the benchmark report:

More information

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