An automated approach that guarantees successful delivery of mainframe modernization

We use a unique code-conversion technology and support your transformation from start to finish – so you can move to Cloud without moving heaven and earth.

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Transformation that manages
rehosting and refactoring in one go

Unlike other providers, Asysco works with enterprises to offer them access to
short and long-term benefits of mainframe modernization, letting them
move fluidly from re-hosting through refactoring to total transformation.

From multiple projects to one

We replace the need for seperate projects with one, single approach, meaning you’re facing less risk and lower costs.

From lock-in to full control

We offer clear and transparent process, with no unexpected costs for additional emulation software.

From short-term to long-term

With our ‘as is code conversion’ approach, we deliver immediate value and open up future opportunity.

From restriction to flexibility

You can retire your COBOL or continue to use it; Asysco converts it to modern language without additional emulation software.

Handing over full control
of transformation for you

Using emulation software is a short-sighted solution to transformation –
Asysco offers your business the long-term opportunity.

Our pragmatic approach ensures maximization of your legacy investment
and current workforce – while enabling you to pursue Cloud innovation.

Modernize incrementally

Tackle legacy modernization incrementally, so you can migrate as much or as little as you like – with a complete code transformation.

Innovate from
day one

Benefit from the agility and modern DevOps right away, using a new Cloud platform to develop more seamless customer-centric experiences.

Retain valuable experience

Offer your staff the flexibility to develop in COBOL even after the code is converted to keep hold of their knowledge and your past investments.

How we work

Our fully automated migration technology converts legacy code and
data into a modern platform language – readying it for development in
the Cloud while keeping the application running as it should.

Flexible transition

Benefit from a fluid approach that delivers re-hosting and re-factoring outcomes in one single process – allowing you to remove dependence on mainframe and flexibly move through re-factoring to full transformation.

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Conversion engine

Our unique conversion engine provides a turn-key solution to simplify the migration of entire systems – with easy and reliable testing to guarantee its success.

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Transition support

We work with your mainframe operators to set up the target environment and framework, providing relevant training to either you or your SI partner.

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Landing platform

Once we have deployed the migrated applications and data, our target architecture platform lets you start innovating in Cloud right away.

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We have extensive technical capabilities and
offer a range of deployment models

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technical capabilities

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Take advantage of unparalleled
industry experience of our team

Strong and proven methodology

Unique conversation capability

No manual changes

Customer Success

Asysco has successfully completed migration and transformation projects for over 60 customers in almost every major industry.

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